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The Future of Organization & Knowledge Management

Client: Blossom KC  Deliverables: Web application,
Mobile Applications, Branding, Identity Website
Blossom is an end-to-end organizational management system that helps you manage your resources, training and personnel seamlessly in one place
01 - UX

Cracking the Complexity Challenge

We met Blossom when it was already an advanced, robust system with multiple layers and modules. Our challenge was to simplify the complex interface and create a powerful experience to match Blossom’s technological capabilities.
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  • My profile
  • Integration
  • Course Catalog
  • Employee evaluations
  • System
  • Customization
  • Content
  • Managment
  • Resource &
  • Calender
  • Qualifications
  • Massages
  • Meetings
  • Import
  • Buy
  • manage
  • manage
  • Reports
  • E-learnings
  • Disscussions
  • Blog
  • Notifications
  • My
  • Courses
  • Tasks
  • Certificates
  • New table
  • Test
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  • Profile
  • Delete
  • groups
  • org.
  • users
  • Activity
  • Polls
  • Register
  • Domain
  • Approve
  • create
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  • overview
  • success

Understanding User Needs

Blossom serves a wide variety of users, from K-12 students to HR supervisors. We needed to identify and consolidate all of their needs while crafting a visual language that would appeal to all of them.

Rethinking Organization Management

We created a set of multidimensional tools for organizational managers and administrators, making analytics, data segmentation and user management more accessible and more sophisticated.

A Full-On Learning Platform

Our biggest challenge was redesigning all the learning components in the system. Our primary goal - to create a stimulating visual experience that would immerse users and create an engaging learning environment.

Social Learning Enhanced

We had great fun planning a brand new social layer on top of Blossom’s rich functionalities. By adding social aspects to almost every module, we created a more vibrant, engaging work/learn environment for the users.

Making Responsiveness a Priority

We went ahead and designed solutions for all platforms, offering users only the necessary information on each one. Alongside creative solutions for navigation and user acquisition, we maintained the seamless, elegant experience.
07- Branding

Communicating the Value

When the product took shape, it was time to create a distinct visual language that would express Blossom’s USP. We distilled Blossom’s message and blended in marketing elements that would target the product’s audience accurately.
08 - New Logo

Logo Design
that Tells a Story

We dug deep into Blossom’s personality, brand values and message and developed several directions for brand logos, each presenting a different interpretation of the brand but loyal to its core ideas and promise.

09- Identity Website

Getting the Message Just Right

We went to work crafting the visual and textual message with the utmost care and precision. We employed a B2C approach while designing for B2G and B2E, showcasing what their users are getting.
10- Results

Unleashing Blossom’s Capabilities

200% More Leads
The new product design made a huge difference in sales conversion - nearly every lead since has moved to the next stage of acquisition.
Engagement Boost
Blossom’s new branding and unified experience communicates a consistent, reliable message that appeals to users, improves onboarding and retention
New Industries
We designed a new set of modules for Blossom, allowing them to effectively reach out to new audiences/industries.
Pumika rose to and beyond the challenge and designed Blossom’s system cover to cover, always surprising us with creative solutions to complicated UX problems, always flexible and willing to stretch the work process to whichever direction we needed.
Eldad Nir · CEO · Blossom