Meet the Pumikas :)

We’re a team of UX designers and planners who love to create digital products.
We’ve been designing innovative web and mobile products for millions of users worldwide since 2007.

Our talents are split into two teams:

UX & Design Team

We craft breathtaking interfaces. We’re a team of visual thinkers and creative nerds -- but we’re still way cooler than the strategy guys.
Don’t tell them we said that.

Strategy Team

We work with qualitative & quantitative data to develop a UX strategy based on user requirements, goals, and growth.
We love research, and we take 'geek' as a compliment, thank you very much.

A typical morning at Pumika's headquarters
  • Design, UX, Art Direction, Illustration
  • Strategy, Planning, Research, Marketing
  • Operations & Production
  • Clients

These are the values that unify and guide all of Pumika’s work:

  • Creativity

    Using our imaginations to create delightful experiences

  • Innovation

    Making ideas into reality

  • Vision

    Changing the world with our clients

  • Courage

    Doing what has never been done before

  • Simplicity

    Complex doesn’t mean complicated

  • Partnership

    With great partners comes great collaboration

We love interacting with new technologies, industries, and people.
Our profession is our passion , and our passion is our pleasure.

We are curious, we are hungry, and we play to win.

Eldad Nir

Pumika tailored a work process and schedule to our very specific needs and a large team of designers worked very intensively to help us meet a tight release deadline for our system.

Eldad Nir, CEO · Blossom
Nir Erlich

Pumika were true partners in realizing our vision to disrupt the product management industry. Their forward thinking was invaluable in turning an idea into a kickass UX.

Nir Erlich, Co-Founder · Craft
Adam_milo_Geula zikri

Pumika re-branded Adam Milo and gave our brand an incredible facelift.

Geula Zikri, Director of Marketing & Sales · Adam Milo

Pumika plays a significant role in Apester's product development (from the very beginning). They're an integral part of our product team, helping us define our features and transforming them into an outstanding product experience.

Moti Cohen, Founder & CEO, Apester

We needed work done on a standalone application for one of our advanced cyber systems, in an impossible timeframe without compromising its experience standards.
Pumika didn’t hesitate and jumped head first into the project. They quickly came up with a superb experience concept that blew us and our clients away. Thanks Pumika!

Yam Mesicka, Security R&D, Cyberbit

Thank you very much Pumika team, for creating a simple, accessible and clean UI for our system.
It was a complex task that you accomplished with great success!

Galia Bachar, CEO · Mensch
Webeyez_Uri Strauss

Pumika helped us solidify our value proposition and designed an easy-to-use product that fully addresses our users’ needs.

Uri Strauss, CEO and Co-Founder



CEO, Chief Experience Director

"What others may call boundaries is what we turn into awesome products and disruptive innovations."

Shahaf Bornstein
VP, Chief Strategy Director

"Creating new digital ways of living, working, and being is at the core of what we do."

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