Pumika. {Idiom; noun}


An Italian idiom, meaning Finished! It looks amazing! (originally: “Finito! Sepra incredibile!”).

Traditionally used for baked goods and confectionary products, the use of the idiom has gradually expanded in the past decades. Contemporarily, it refers to the work of medical professionals, Architects, Artists, Athletes, as well as Attorneys-at-Law and Astronauts (although those were rare in rural Italy, where the idiom originates).

Usage examples:

(1) “Please close up the patient, Dr. Cavallo, I believe it is pumika!” [Italian: “Si prega di chiudere il paziente, il dottor Cavallo, credo che sia pumika!”]; (2) “Massimo Contaldo’s last season on the court was essentially pumika!” [Italian: “la scorsa stagione di Massimo Contaldo sul campo era essenzialmente pumika!”]


Italy; Early Modernist.

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